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Floral Preservation

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We are the only Florist in the Swindon area that currently offers a professional floral preservation and pressing service allowing you to keep your precious flowers as a piece of art to enjoy for years to come.

Whether it's a wedding bouquet, a funeral tribute or a special bouquet, we can personalise your chosen keepsake as required by incorporating your names, special dates, flower meanings and more. We discuss the design options with you and create a beautiful momento for you to treasure.

Bouquets must be kept in water as much as possible and delivered to us within 48 hours after the event. NEVER place flowers in the freezer as any frost or frozen flowers will be permanently damaged and unusable. You can keep flowers in the fridge as long as they are in a sealed container. We will inspect the flowers prior to taking any bookings to ensure the quality is good as any blooms that are mouldy or shrivelled may have to be replaced at an additional cost

We use traditional methods of preserving and pressing flowers which takes a lot of time to produce. Small Frames take on average 1-3 months to complete and larger frames can take 5-6 months to complete, sometimes a little longer depending on the flowers and design.

3D preservation uses a different process and at present are only suitable for roses, sunflowers, Calla Lilly, Chrysanthemums and hydrangea. 

Please Note: In most cases, the colours will change slightly during the drying and pressing process. In the case of 3D preservation, there will be some shrinkage and change to the shape and colour. Every effort is made to restore and maintain the original colours however, sometimes this is not possible.

An additional cost will be added for replacing flowers that have perished before arriving to us and are deemed unsuitable. Prices will be quoted at time of booking.

A 50% deposit is required at time of ordering with the balance payable on completion.

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