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Funerals & Sympathy

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We understand just how difficult and confusing losing a loved one can be but if we've learnt anything over the years, it's that arranging the floral tribute can be a very important part of the healing process by creating a personal tribute in their honour.

We offer a free consultation at our studio in complete privacy, taking the time to discuss ideas and your wishes so that we create the perfect tribute. 

From simple posies to elaborate shapes tributes, we are here to guide and support your decisions, helping to choose the perfect colours and flowers as you say goodbye in the most cherished way possible. 

*We offer 30% discount for children's funerals up to age 17.

Call us on 07810 716073 to book an appointment.

Single Ended Coffin Spray 

2 ft from £60

3ft from £75

4 ft from £95

5 ft From (£125

Double Ended Coffin Spray

3 ft from £95

4 ft from £150

5 ft from £185

6ft From £225

Crosses - (From 24")

Contemporary Styles...... From £70

Driftwood Base ..... From £75

Traditional Base ..... From £80 

Moss Base ..... From £60

Full Floral base ..... From £100

Wreaths (14", 16", 18")

Traditional Basing  ...... From £50

Mossed Basing ...... From £40

Full floral Basing ...... From £60

Posy Pads  - Traditional & Modern

10" ..... From £40

12" .... From £50

14" .... From £65

Pillows / Cushions - (From 18")

Cushions - Standard basing ...... From £70

Cushions - Full Floral basing ...... From £85

Pillows - Standard basing ...... From £80

Pillows - Full floral basing ..... From £95

Hearts and Stars - (From 15")

Open heart - Standard basing ..... From £55

Open heart - Full floral basing ..... From £70

Solid heart - Standard basing ..... From £65

Solid heart - Full floral basing .....From £85

Star - Standard basing ..... from £90

Letters & Numbers 

Traditional basing - No ribbon edge ..... £38 each

Traditional Basing + ribbon edge ...... £40 each

All flower/foliage basing ...... £47.50 each

There are so many other shapes available such as angels, gates of heaven, Sports, animals, vehicles and completely bespoke designs. We can create a whole range of personalised tributes in both 2d and 3d forms that will perfectly honour the memory of the deceased. 

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