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Valentine's Day is a really fun special way to show someone how much they are loved. Be it a secret crush, wife, husband, mother, neighbour, teacher, friend or good samaritan - A perfect way to express that feeling is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers....and if you seriously think it's a waste of time and money, then you havent witnessed the hundreds of excited, overjoyed and tearful faces that I have as they are given this wonderful gift. 

It is not just the flowers themselves but the very fact that you took the time to select something so beautiful and special just for them. We can help you find the perfect bouquet in terms of colour, price and style....believe it or not but most women dont like red roses and would prefer a mixed pastel selection. Whatever you need - we can help!


Order by 5pm on 7th February and receive a free mini prosecco when you spend £30 or more. 

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Every flower has a meaning - here are the most popular;


Red - Love, romance

Red & White - Unity

Yellow - Friendship

Pink - Appreciation

White - Purity

Lilac - Love at first sight

Other flowers;

Gerbera - "You are my sunshine"

Carnation - beauty

Sunflower - Adoration

Daffodil - Chivalry